Our Quality


Quality is of major importance in any feature of business. Customers always require value for money. At Nifno, we endowed a constant effort to create good quality work. There are many elements on which quality fitness is primarily based which include - performance, reliability, durability, visible and perceived excellent of the garment. Quality desires to be defined in terms of a specific framework of value. To achieve this Quality Control is seen as the agent of Quality Assurance.


At Nifno quality control is accomplished right from the preliminary stage of obtaining raw materials to final finished garment. Apparel quality is measured with respect to quality and standard of fibres, yarns, fabric crafting, color citadel, designs and the final finished products. However, we focused on expectation of our each and individual customer.

Ensuring total quality control of any product helps us to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty with consideration to effective cost of any product to be at minimum.


Our Goal & Objectives



Quality Control Approaches


Fault Analysis Method

We always keep in mind that our customer’s problem is our problem. So, we follow the step by step method to solve the problem as soon as possible like - Fault + Appearance + Cause + Effect + Responsibility + Action + Prevention.