Our Teams

  • Rajesh Agarwal
    Rajesh Agarwal (Managing Director )

    We are amongst the prominent players in exporting garments globally across the world through Ellegent Exports Pvt. Ltd. We craft value from latest manufacturing and exporting to major brands and customers. We have launched our brand NIFNO in 2011 with aim to provide customized solution to customers through unique craftsmanship with latest design and trends that helps customers in their major concern of stitching problem.

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  • Deepti Saini (Fashion Consultant)
    Deepti Saini (Fashion Consultant) (Mrs. India International 2017 )

    Deepti Saini Mrs. India International is a successful Fashion Consultant, Fashion Designer, Director Ellegent Exports Pvt Ltd, and Brand Ambassador of one of the renowned club Matrika. She is Business excellence award winner in cosmetology and fashion consultant. She is also National secretory at NHRCCO and an active participant of social cause clean environment, Breast cancer awareness, Plantation etc.

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  • Nitika Jain
    Nitika Jain (Fashion Consultant )

    Since last 5 years, Nitika embarked her way as a consultant by profession in the fashion industry. She has been appreciated in all forum and associations for her creative designs and patterns with unique mixtures of line, proportion, color, and texture.Nitika Jain is an admirable professional and profound human being who puts herself in others’ shoes to be sensitive to her feelings. She always offered ready for guidance and ..

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  • Bindu Wagle
    Bindu Wagle (Fashion Designer in USA )

    Bindu Wagle, Fashion Designer in USA, and Director, Ellegent Exports Pvt. Ltd of brand www.nifno.com for customized wear is an admirable fashion consultant all over the world. She has very deep knowledge about fabric, creative designs and patterns with unique mixtures of line, proportion, color, and texture. She is fond of learning new and latest fashion trends ..

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